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short explanation

In JavaScript, every variable is an object. I cannot go into a lenghty explanation about objects here. That will a too deep concept to discuss.

Think of objects as a group which contains properties. These properties can have values attached to them, of any kind.

Here is how a object looks and is used.

var superhero = {
heroname : "Batman",
realname  : "Bruce Wayne"

var currentDiv = document.getElementById("objectdisplay");

var tempp1 = document.createElement("p"); 
tempp1.innerHTML = superhero.heroname;


var tempp2 = document.createElement("p"); 
tempp2.innerHTML = superhero.realname;


When dealing with objects, you will be using the dot operator aka ‘.’

important note

This code is provided as is without any warranties. It’s primarily meant for our own use. Feel free to use this code as it pleases you.


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