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Welcome to the very first chapter of our web tutorial. This is just a quick note to get you started. Hope you find this textbook useful.

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You can find the companion PDF here.


The bullet points

Philoshophy and Approach

Now, lets go over our philosophy and approach to training in this textbook, and by extension. This will be boring but we request you to go through in full.

So, here, we go. Chapter Flow - in every chapter, you will find a few common things.

Now, the important thing is, you dont need to know and go through all of the above things. Most of the time, you can pick one or two (because, all the above link to each other, like a criss cross of network of channels, all doing the same thing). For instanc,in every chapter, you can just watch the videos and nothing. However, another person might prefer, going through the code, and dont want to watch videos.

Its really up to you, how you to learn and solve the problem of learning. Our job here is to give you all the options.

important note

This code is provided as is without any warranties. It’s primarily meant for our own use. Feel free to use this code as it pleases you.


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